There are so many reasons to postpone change. Taking the big leap to let go of all that you’ve worked for can be one of the hardest things to do. Like leaving a bad marriage, abusive relationship, we cling to it hoping that it gets better. We make small steps to make it a little more bearable for ourselves but it never does.
You may find yourself making excuses for why you don’t deserve any better. You convince yourself you have to compromise and just be happy….and everyone else is saying the same thing to you.
And then you start rationalizing more…’s me….(I’m not good enough), noooo it’s them….(they are toxic and out to get me). Excuses and distractions can work but they just prolong the inevitable – the TRUTH. It always has a way of finding it’s way.
It’s a vicious cycle. It’s exhausting but you keep doing it. Making small strides that feel like a lot of effort. You think life shouldn’t be this hard for someone smart and hardworking. But it is and you keep going because you can grit it out.
Can you relate?
I was one of those people who would have grit it out even longer except I literally did hit a wall. It’s my wish that you don’t go through all the physical, emotional, and financial pain that I did and this post inspires you to take the transition steps to a life you love.

Here are four signs you have to make a change.

1) Emotional Health: My job is sucking the life out of me emotionally. The source my pain was emotional first. As a creative, my job felt like a slow death. I’d watch the clock all day which just makes the days feel longer. And I couldn’t deal with the minutia of the job. Everything seemed so petty and small. Was this all there was to life? I missed connectChecking the numbers, beauracracy  I felt like I was destined to do something with more purpose and You feel drained because nothing inspires you. And you don’t feel like you are making a difference or using your talents. It takes more and more energy for you to get through the day and you feel depressed.
2) My job is killing me physically.
3) Wealth & Freedom: There is a cap on my financial potential.
4) Peace & Happiness: I feel out of integrity with my values and that conflict causes me misery. You know the feeling. There is something more meant for your life. Whether you want to spend more time with your family or do something that you really enjoy, your life is not in alignment with your potential.
I’ve been through all of these scenarios and more. And it took me a total of 25 years to finally get it. I hope since it took me so long, the stories and the lessons I learned will help you move along faster than I did.