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Over the last 20 years, I’ve transitioned my career in corporate and as an entrepreneur more times than I can count on my fingers. They’ve all prepared me to help you make the life transition into doing the work that you’ve known you were meant for you. I’ve built businesses from scratch with no clientele or industry experience. And developed expertise in all the functional areas of the business building from finances and profitability to strategic planning and branding, I have a knack for helping you connect the dots to your life experience and expressing it in your business so you feel like your life was preparing you to do this big thing.

It takes a complete mind and business strategy integration to make your transition a lasting success. That’s where I can help and how I’m different than other solutions. I provide a whole person approach.

I know you are tired. Sick and tired of settling for the life that everyone else seems content to have. And you climbed the corporate ladder. You are by definition “successful.”
But the thing is, you don’t feel “successful.” At least not on your terms.
This doesn’t have to be you. With careful planning, you can have a graceful transition to being your own boss. And it doesn’t have to ruin your life.

Your new calling in life and a better lifestyle can be a reality rather than just a dream.

Rather than making you empty promises of 6 figures overnight, what I can promise is a graceful transition. A journey of self-discovery, finding your sweet spot within your business, and growing a sustainable business that feeds your soul.

What you do is the most important work you can do for someone. This is why I created the graceful transition. I believe you can make a good living and consistent income from a very doable plan to get freedom from the 9-5.

Together we will get through all your obstacles, create a simple and fun business plan that you’ll actually implement, and develop the brand that sets you apart.

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