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A Move for Life

Dr. Meyer was a well-known rehab doctor looking to move out of LA to Santa Barbara and build a practice that would support a healthier lifestyle. Tired of working long hours and working in a limited health system, Anne wanted to venture out to create a practice that embraced an integrative health approach.

To make this possible, we needed to package her vast experience and knowledge into a health approach that would attract her ideal clients to build her practice.
Dr. Meyer’s communication superpower was being a maverick leader. Her innovative approach ran deep and wide. We leveraged her vast knowledge of science and nature’s solutions along with her knack for research to give her the credibility to make bold statements in the form of video and publicity.

We launch two websites, one for her Medical practice and another as the Aromatherapy Doctor. In our work together, we packaged and branded her unique integrated health solutions and products – services people were willing to pay for (outside of insurance) while in her new home in Santa Barbara.

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