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Stepping into Greatness

When Vivian sets her mind on something, it comes to life. A series of life events lead her down the path to discovering talents beyond physical therapy.
Vivian transitioned from being a physical therapist to an energy healer with an integrative wellness practice. She had the unique ability to see what was keeping people stuck mentally, emotionally, and beyond in the physic realm.
The brand Human MRI told the story of how she was different from other energy healers. We established her expert positioning as a medical intuitive and physical therapist through her brand and implemented a marketing strategy that quickly enabled her to reach her financial goals.
Events: Vivian primary brand archetype is the maestro, a combination of prestige and power. Knowing this, we focused on creating signature live events, leveraging her presence and ability to pull off 3-day events and extended retreats. She brought well into the 5 figures with her first live event.
Videos: We leveraged her vast knowledge of science, spiritually, and business and her natural gift as a teacher in videos to create visibility and drive traffic to her website and events.

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