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Bringing All of YOU in a Brand, Makes Marketing & Selling Easier

The kind of coaching that Sami does is not the typical kind of “therapy” that men seek out.

With a life coaching practice focused on family of origin therapy (relationships with Father and Mother) and her target audience being men, how do it get new clients when this topic is so “heavy” and confrontational to men?

We decided to marry one of Sami’s passions – golf with her particular type life coaching she was so passionate about to create YourLifeandGolf Caddie.

By creatively brand packaging Sami’s coaching business she was able to have more fun doing something she loved while attracting her idea audience.

When dealing with your ideal customer, often their just not ready to realize what they need (remember they haven’t gone through what you have. Branding helps express what you do in a way that they are open to listening to.

We positioned her as the golf coach that would help you break through the mental game of golf. Often, what shows up on the golf course, were the same issues that appeared in their relationships.

Connect all the dots to all you are, makes it easier to reach and attract her ideal audience.

Sami’s brand was a win, win:
1. a creative and fun way to attract ideal clients
2. a brand that reflects all of Sami and sets her apart
3. a concrete, tangible, and unique service that people would gladly pay for

Through her own journey working through her own family of origin issues, she wanted to give back. Now Sami was able to see her dream business come to life. And make her “life’s journey,” her message.