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Bringing More of You into Your Brand Creates More Profit and Joy

Jannah came to me looking to discover her brand. She was getting burned out with something she loved and felt like she was positioned like a run-of-mill photographer.

Jannah is passionate about the power of being yourself and capturing that in photography so that people can have a true soul to soul connection with their audience.

Contrary to glamour photos and stuffy staged corporate photos, Jannah wanted people to see the beauty in everyday life that we don’t normally take the time to notice.

Her new focus became business owners that wanted to tell their story through images. And Jannah’s talent is her ability to capture the love and passion they had for their work.

We took all her past work experience as a massage therapist and chakra worker something she previously thought was irrelevant and connected the dots to her brand story.

Jannah’s personal journey shaped her core values and we expressed brought that in her brand. Now she had a differentiated voice, messaging, and a signature process that no one could replicate because it was uniquely hers. In a sea of photographers, that clarity was invaluable.

Through the process, we discovered her niche in photography and point of view. We gave her a voice and an online presence to reach her audience.

Now she is able to charge premium prices and attract the kind of clients who believe in and need what she offers.