The Graceful Transition



You want to get out of the rat race of constantly working at things you aren’t passionate about and start doing something you enjoy that helps the world in a big way.

But you’re not sure how to make the self-employed business thing work or transition into a career you really love?

You are smart and capable and have accomplished a lot in your job, how come making this part work feels so hard?

Despite it all the work you’ve done to prepare yourself, the idea of leaving your job and actually making the jump feels really scary and to be honest, you don’t actually feel quite ready to the big change that you know will make you happier, and healthier.

Here’s the truth:

Making the transition to becoming a business owner isn’t easy and you are right, there is a lot to think about. There was the Great Resignation but then it’s looking like the Great Return. So many purpose-driven individuals don’t make the switch (or go back and forth like me) because they don’t know how to make a stress-free transition and find their calling.

It’s not just about doing all of the strategies and techniques — it’s about preparing your life for this big important change. Because the “you” that got to where you are isn’t going to get you to where you want to go.

You need to develop a new way of thinking, and being, as well as the creative skills to tap into your genius and make a business you love that works for you, not one that you feel enslaved to.

The Graceful Transition

In 3 months, I will give you a step-by-step process for your transition to work you love without all of the stress, freak outs and panic.

By the end you will have discovered your zone of genius and discovered what you came here to do and a plan to make it happen. Most of all you will reconnect with passion and purpose in life.

So, what makes this different than anything you’ve tried or heard of before?

I know that you might have wasted a lot of money on programs or offers that promised to get you out of your job but never worked out. What makes this so different?

I’m a realist when it comes to your business but I also know the power in tapping into your feminine flow and creative gifts as a healer. We need a balance of both.

It’s the opposite way of being and doing that everyone teaches. Most people think they need to understand technology and marketing to be successful. So, they purchase programs and services only to create for themselves a lot of busy work and overwhelm.

That’s why everything out there sounds the same when it comes to marketing. We are just copying everyone else instead of tapping into our own wisdom and creativity. With the right understanding of marketing, you can create compelling marketing that makes real emotional connection with your audience. It’s like hiring a coach, plus a branding expert to make sure your business gets out there in the right way.

That’s why this is a 1 on 1 mentorship that covers tapping body/mind practices to inspire creative flow and well-being as you make the transition as well as the business nuts and bolts.

When you have a healthy body and mind, you’re more efficient and relaxed. We create together a customized plan that’s a fit for your personality, lifestyle, and skills

The reason why people throw in the towel and go back to a 9-5 job is because:

1. You focus on the wrong things, get discouraged and end up thinking you’re not good enough, ready enough or courageous enough.

2. You start making false assumptions about business and yourself and revert to negative thinking patterns.

3. You forget about taking care of yourself during the process. Your energy gets depleted and we feel even worse. It becomes a vicious cycle that is hard to overcome.

4. A huge reason why you haven’t made progress in your business is that you mentally and physically don’t feel you can do it.

On our journey….

We focus on creating a step by step plan from beginning to when you leave your job and begin to create the life you want. This plan is different from other “business plans” because it includes the your wellness, developing your mindset and creativity practices.

From the over 20 years of experience in business and entrepreneurship, I’ve seen firsthand that having strong fundamentals are the key to success…in every part of your life not just your business.

This is the true key to the work we are doing.

The transition plan is designed to get you the clarity, confidence, and the right mindset to create the healing business you’ve always wanted.

Most people skip over or rush through this crucial step.

The Graceful Transition is Energetics + Strategy and gives outcomes

in more areas than just your career.

Success is Inevitable with A Whole Person Approach and Business Execution Support

When you have the support to transition to the person you’re meant to be and business guidance to do work you love, real fulfillment and success is inevitable.

This program includes both mindset and energetics along with business strategy and marketing execution. Without taking a comprehensive approach, you work 10x harder and sacrifice your health and relationships.

After many years of making transitions that fizzled out and left me burned out, it’s been my mission to find ways to experience real transformation from the inside out. I’ve spent the last 25 years discovering what works and what doesn’t and I want to share that with you


Step 1: The Reset, Retreat and Come Back Stronger

Create New Neural Pathways and Get Into Your Flow: Going from doer in your 9-5 to creator of your new life requires shifting gears.

Consider this part the “resting phase” where you get to reset, let go of old ways, rewire your brain quite literally, and discover the rituals to decondition so you don’t get in your own way or get triggered. And we create new habits around your unique rhythms so you can be a creator in your business.

Here we create the rituals to decondition the parts of you that keep you from reaching your goals – the limiting beliefs and shadows that sabotage success. Bringing awareness to this lays the foundation for lasting transformation.

Shift from Survivor to Creator: Understand what has been keeping you stuck and create new rituals and habits to break free from old patterns.

Step 2: The Whole Person Transition Plan

one on one support

Each of us has our own energetic blueprint and individual style of operating successfully. What might work for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. Here we discover your unique operating plan before you start on creating your new path.

Your Self-Care: We create a health plan for your mind and body that includes rituals to get into the right energy and mindset for you to make the transition permanently.

Money: Move from a scarcity to an abundance mindset to create the space for you to make a transition without the freakout about money. Have a full budget to manage your transition and put your mind at ease.

Family/Environment: Receive the support to know how to speak about your transition to your family and friends in a way that gets them to support you and spread the word.

A Plan that prepares you for success in your big dream without the big drain.

Step 3: What Do I Want To Do

connecting the dots

Have a career that is aligned with who you are.

“What do you want to do with your life?” Maybe you got stuck in a profession you never had a real passion for or maybe it just fizzled out, whatever the reality, it’s always a good idea to reassess if my current work life is a good match for the lifestyle I want, strengths, values, and goals.

As Steve Jobs said in his Stanford commencement speech in 2005, “trust that it will all somehow connect to your future.”

Looking Inward: Here we weave all the parts of you together – the connection of all your life experiences, passions, values, and strengths to discover what you want to do.

Looking Out: Then, we connect what you want to do with what people need. Whether it’s how to pitch yourself for your next career or setting up your business, getting clarity on what only you can uniquely do is the best way to start.

Get clarity on what you want to do that is true to who you are.

Step 4: How Will I Make Money & Attract the Right Opportunities

purpose and meaning to life

Here is where we integrate and express who we are. All the work is meaningless unless it’s expressed in action. It reverts back unless it becomes engrained though action.

Get the support to:

  • Start the new business and have it come to life through a website, a marketing, and sales plan.
  • Write the new resume, send a pitch, write the proposal for a new idea.
  • Package all of your experiences, values, skills, and talents in a way that directly addresses a need creatively in a personal website or new resume.

A Plan that prepares you for success in your big dream without the big drain.

Your call is waiting

You don’t need to do this any longer. Pretend to be something that you’re not. For whatever reason why you got into your profession, life is too short to stay doing work that isn’t meaningful to you anymore. You learn valuable skills and now it’s time to move on.

The world needs more creatives and healers, not “successful” people locked up in tall buildings. If you’re ready to serve, helping people on the deepest level transform their lives, experience a real connection with humanity, then I welcome you to schedule a 1 on 1 phone consultation with me to see if this is a good fit for you.

This is for You if:

This is for you if you want a step by step transition plan that supports your emotional journey as well as provides you with the business clarity and confidence to create your one of a kind healing business.

Don’t want to be part of a big program and desire one on one support.

Practical and soulful advice and emotional support to get you ready to reinvent your life

Don’t want to go broke before your business takes off.

Don’t want to ruin your health and relationships because of work that all the experts say you need to do.

You’re feeling overworked, underpaid, unsatisfied in your work or business and deeply crave a business that doesn’t consume and run your life.

You want to get more clarity on the WHAT of your business and understanding how you can stand out in your niche.

You need a brand to pull all the pieces together in a visually and verbally to grow your online presence.

You know yourself deeply and are self-aware enough to know when you are sabotaging yourself.

My Story

Over the last 20 years, I’ve transitioned my career in corporate and as an entrepreneur more times than I can count on my fingers. They’ve all prepared me to help you make the life transition into doing the work that you’ve known you were meant for you. I’ve built businesses from scratch with no clientele or industry experience. And developed expertise in all the functional areas of the business building from finances and profitability to strategic planning and branding, I have a knack for helping you connect the dots to your life experience and expressing it in your business so you feel like your life was preparing you to do this big thing.

It takes a complete mind and business strategy integration to make your transition a lasting success. That’s where I can help and how I’m different than other solutions. I provide a whole person approach.

I know you are tired. Sick and tired of settling for the life that everyone else seems content to have. And you climbed the corporate ladder. You are by definition “successful.”

But the thing is, you don’t feel “successful.” At least not on your terms.

And something just doesn’t feel right. Your heart craves something more meaningful. You want to do work that feels more human and you want to help others. But everyone says you’re crazy, have no experience, and asks you how you will make money from it. So you continue to stay at your job and keep your dream a secret. And you start feeling depressed and anxious about life, but you convince yourself that you should settle for a life everyone else seems to be able to cope with.

You have an idea for a business but not sure how to make it all happen. You feel overwhelmed at all the different options to market your business and not sure which one is right for you. You’ve been working behind the scenes to learn new skills in the healing profession but people don’t understand exactly what you do. And honestly, you aren’t sure either.

And panic sets in because you have no plan. You may need to go back a get a job.

This doesn’t have to be you. With careful planning, you can have a graceful transition to being your own boss. And it doesn’t have to ruin your life.

Your new calling in life and a better lifestyle can be a reality rather than just a dream.

Rather than making you empty promises of 6 figures overnight, what I can promise is a graceful transition. A journey of self-discovery, finding your sweet spot within your business, and growing a sustainable business that feeds your soul.

What you do is the most important work you can do for someone. This is why I created the graceful transition. I believe you can make a good living and make consistent income from a very doable plan to get freedom from the 9-5.

Together we will get through all your obstacles, create a simple and fun business plan that you’ll actually implement, and develop your brand that sets you apart.

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